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Military families are dedicated and make significant contributions and sacrifices to support their loved ones and the military community. Military spouses are strong, patient, flexible, open-minded, and have an open heart. Military children are resilient, inspirational, and courageous and are the heart of our communities. 


Thank you for the opportunity to serve your family and for selecting our community to call home.


In certain times and uncertain times, there is one constant... Liberty Military Housing team members across the country go above and beyond for our military families. Our team members are honored to serve those that serve and their dedication is especially highlighted during this time of national crisis.


Thank you for helping our residents endure through this time.



Military Partners are focused on assisting service members and their families as an advocate for housing in addition to providing resources to ensure our military is able to maximize emotional, social, and physical development. Liberty Military Housing and the military partners together are dedicated to supporting mission readiness and retention. 

Thank you for your partnership and support.


We encourage you to share your stories on how your team is making a difference on social using the hashtag #Core2OurMission or email


*If you cannot click "Submit Your Story Today", it could be a browser issue or email settings, simply cut and paste into your email to submit your story. 

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